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                      Mechanical engineer (21 years experience) and private tutor (26 years experience)


 Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia’s Institute of Technology

Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame



Hello everyone.  I am Bruce, the creator of savvytutoring.com.  I possess a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering but I wasn’t a “natural” at math and science.  Things never came easy for me.  I am a very slow and methodical learner.  However, as the son of two school teachers, I always possessed an excellent work ethic.  Over the years, I had to master my ability to self-motivate and self-correct.  Understanding what I didn’t know was critical to my development.  This knowledge showcased for me what needed to be my focus.  Eventually, I forged myself into a person who is comfortable learning anything.

I believe you are capable of improving your knowledge base regardless of your starting point.  Talent is fine, but true learning requires you to empty your mental cup and embrace the principles behind any technique you learn.  You must master the art of self-motivation and constantly relate foreign ideas to your everyday life.  The passions and energies you may have for a hobby must be redirected towards any difficult subject you must learn.  These are the guiding principles that I wish to impart.   Learn how to learn.

I encourage you to reflect on your own personal talents and reshape those energies towards understanding something that seems foreign and intimidating.  By boosting your confidence and willpower, you can overcome your weaknesses.  You learn to create your own inner light when times are dark. 

This website is an attempt to reignite the pilot light of true learning.

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